DS Labs Spectral.Lash

Spectral LASH


Spectral.LASH, a cutting-edge treatment from DS Laboratories produces long, luxurious eyelashes for both women and men. Spectral.LASH is demonstrated through clinical research to result in eyelashes 25 percent longer in just four weeks. Many users also enjoy greater thickness and density.

Spectral CSF Hair Regrowth

Spectral CSF Hair Regrowth


Spectral CSF is a hair growth formulation for women who are experiencing problems with hair thinning, hair breakage or hair that is dull and lifeless. This high-performance formula addresses the unique biology of female pattern thinning through a combination of high-performance ingredients that are delivered deeper where they stop these undesirable changes. The result is a reversal of hair aging, while remaining light on the hair and scalp compared with many of the heavier products designed for men.

DS Labs Revita

Revita Hair Stimulating Shampoo & Conditioner


Save 15% with these value combination Revita Hair Stimulating Shampoo and Conditioner by DS Laboratories. These cutting edge formulations are the most effective products for preserving hair, preventing hair loss and hydrating, nourishing and stimulating hair growth. Revita.LT, an identical shampoo for blonde and other light shades, contains the same key compounds for maintaining the optimum health and vitality of the scalp.




As experienced, well trained and certified hair care specialists, we select and use products that are cutting edge and innovative with documented clinical research for safety and superior results. Our store gives you convenient access to these advanced products and services that are not readily available. Please view our store and salon service policies and browse our store.


Once you experience the Fort Myers Hair Extensions difference, you will want to make us your exclusive choice for hair care products and services. We are trained and certified specialists, proud to offer only scientifically proven solutions that out perform competitive products and services for hair care, hair repair, hair replacement and hair restoration.


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DS Labs Continuum

Continuum by DS Laboratories


A proprietary multi-molecular formula by DS Labs, CONTINUUM transforms and restructures any type of hair including human hair wigs and extensions to reverse damage from coloring, lightening or over-processing. After treatment curls or styling holds, color is sealed in, and hair becomes strong, soft, shiny, manageable and healthy looking. 

DS Labs Continuum

Continuum Ro-Topia Hair Restructuring Conditioner


Continuum Ro-Topia is designed to re-energize the hair after having CONTINUUM treatment in a salon or at home. While the salon treatment lasts easily until your next salon visit, when used every 7-10 days, Ro-Topia gives the hair a fresh salon like appearance.